What Tires Do You Prefer?

We carry a wide selection of all-season and off-roading tires

Get a great set of tires for all seasons with help from Ace Auto Spa. We work directly with dealers to get you the best deal. If you have a specific brand in mind, we’ll get it for you. Our technicians can also recommend brands and styles depending on your needs and driving preferences.

To place an order for new tires at Ace Auto Spa, call 915-588-9307.

3 signs you need new wheels or tires

3 signs you need new wheels or tires

When was the last time you replaced your tires? Ace Auto Spa can find you a new set for an incredible deal. Here are three signs it may be time to replace your tires:

  1. Your tire pressure light comes on constantly
  2. You have driven more than 70,000 miles in your tires
  3. Your tires have uneven or tread less than 2/32” deep
We also carry a variety of wheels for all vehicle makes and models. Call 915-588-9307 today to learn more.